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The City Café

Stay up to date on important information for local government leaders.

The ULCT Local Officials’ Day was well attended today with Governor Huntsman, ninety percent of the State Legislature, hundreds of high school youth city council participants, along with mayors, council members, and city staff from across the state, even Abe Lincoln was in attendance. I hope everyone found the speakers and presenters informative.

Those in attendance enjoyed a lighthearted video regarding basic civics and government questions. Some of their answers are humorous, but more importantly I think the entire video is a reflection of all of us or society in general. Regardless of what we think we know, we still have much to do to become a knowledgeable and engaged citizenry. Hopefully that is the point that sticks—we can all become more informed regarding government.

I enjoyed my workshop with the Youth City Council members. Please click here if you are interested in my presentation or contact me if you have questions.

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