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Taxes become a common discussion during the middle of April…but how many of us really know our complete annual tax bill (federal, state, and local)? The Utah Taxpayers each year provides an analysis of a typical Utah family each year–this year the average Utah family of five spends $15,877 in taxes or 25% of their income.

However, of this $15,877 in taxes how much goes to your city or town? Based on this analysis a family of five spend around $700 dollars a year (combined sales, property, and franchise) in municipal taxes.

  • A median Utah household spends 1.2% of their income in municipal taxes
  • Less than 5% of a Utahns entire tax burden is dedicated to municipal government.

$700 dollars a year for all the municipal services I use (sidewalks, city parks, water, garbage collection, sewer, city library, roads, etc)…sounds like a bargain to me. And I’m a libertarian who hates taxes as much as anyone.

By the way, the Utah Taxpayers have scheduled their 29th Annual Conference for May 4th. You can check out the packed agenda here.

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