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To the Herald Journal News editor:
I received my utility bill and found Logan city’s latest “good idea.” Beginning May 1, 2008, Logan city will enforce ancars-on-lawn.jpg ordinance that won’t allow us to park on our own front lawn. This is an outrage! This is the latest example of incremental socialism...Will we allow the government to take away all of our rights and bind our hands behind our backs before we attempt to stop it? Letter to the Herald JournalKVNU Blog Post.

Is parking on grass really a right? I guess it depends on how we define rights, but I’m finding this discussion intriguing (38 comments responding to this letter). And according to some commentors not only is this a violation of personal rights, but a violation of God’s plan. “Its funny how they can go to church on Sunday and know how bad Lucifer’s plan was yet they practice the same plan by making tens of thousand of little local laws that force us in every little aspect of our daily lives.” (comment from Pat).

Really? City ordinances are now part of Lucifer’s plan? Does this mean “God’s plan” requires no rules or compliance?

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