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An interesting op-ed piece in the Boston Globe recently addressed the role of property tax as a revenue source for local government and schools. The authors of this piece argue that property tax is hated because it is visible (which I think we can all agree with), but they contend that this visibility is really the strength of the tax…and why we should not change it. The authors make the same point we have made for years, none of the other taxes we pay are as transparent as property taxes. But they continue in arguing that the transparency of property taxes enables a more democratic system (unlike many of the other taxes). According to the authors:

No one likes paying taxes, but as long as we value the New England tradition of local control over public services, we should appreciate the inherent strengths of our system. With the property tax, the citizenry has its hands on the steering wheel.

You can read the full op-ed here: The Strengths of the Property Tax

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