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There have been some pretty unusual stories in the press this week, related to city government and municipal elected officials. I can’t help but blog about a couple of these stories. Here is a quick recap:

Monday — New Delhi Deputy Mayor S.S. Bajwa was attacked by wild monkeys…which led him to fall from his balcony and die (I’m not making this up, thank Cameron for the email): India official dies after monkey attack

Tuesday — Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey tackled a burglar who tried to enter his home…the 135 lb mayor received national press for his act of bravery: Boston Globe article, Deseret News article

Wednesday — I didn’t believe this story when I first heard it on NPR, but apparently this is real. Dallas Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway is pushing a new policy…for residents to pull their pants up.

“The No. 1 mission is very simple: pulling up your pants. That’s all we want,” Caraway says. Read the NPR story (and even better listen to the rap song ‘Pull Your Pants Up’) here: Hip-Hop Plea

Thursday — After 9 mayors in 11 years in Eagle Mountain one city councilmember is pushing for background checks of all candidates running for office. I normally would be opposed to such a policy…but in the case of Eagle Mountain this might not be such a bad idea. Should Eagle Mountain’s mayoral candidates clear background checks 

Friday — ? seems like a boring news day compared to these stories…any suggestions?

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