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I’m not trying to be a Wednesday Debbie Downer, but is anyone else getting depressed when checking the national headlines? Seriously take a look at the headlines throughout the Wall Street Journal this morning…

I had to stop scanning after these four headlines…The question is how does this financial crisis (are we officially calling this a recession now?) affect city halls across the state of Utah? This perpetual bad news for the market can definitely impact a number of local government revenue sources — especially sales tax. The question becomes what degree is this impacting local revenue and what can we do (or when will this stop).

Joining us at our 101st Annual Convention will be Geoffrey Colvin, a senior editor for Fortune Magazine. Mr. Colvin will offer key insights to what is happening with the economy right now, what is cause for concern, and what may be cause for optimism. In fact in one of Colvin’s recent columns for Fortune he writes:

The trouble with gloom is that when you’re surrounded by it, that’s all you can see. A sunny tomorrow could be on its way, but the present darkness is definite. Obviously I’m talking about the economy, not the weather, and I’d like to propose the radical thought that, contrary to the evidence that surrounds us right now, just possibly the apocalypse is not at hand.

It is comforting to know that at least apocalypse is not at hand…You can read the full column here: The anti-doomsday scenario

Whether Mr. Colvin delivers good news or bad news I don’t think you’ll want to miss him as our Thursday lunch (September 11th) keynote speaker. (you can see the full conference agenda here: ULCT Convention)

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