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The Urban Institute recently issued a policy briefing summarizing and rating the different spending provisions in the Federal stimulus bill. According to the Urban Institute this summary provides a grade for each project that “reflects how well these measures would boost the economy in the short run per dollar of budget cost.” To receive an A grade  a “provision would have to begin quickly and go primarily to people who would most likely spend it or to businesses that would most likely use funds to retain workers or expand.”

So according to the Urban Institute how man provisions receive an A grade? — Zero.    There are a lot of B’s and C’s with only a couple of D’s. You can ready their report card and summary of provisions here: Urban Institute Tax Stimulus Report Card.

Also, the State of Utah has received around $1.5 billion in economic stimulus money that is directed to different agencies and programs. You can view a breakdown of this money by agency and program here: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — Utah Amounts

There are still a lot of questions about this stimulus money…we will do our best to keep you up to speed.

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