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The topic of the day for the NY Times Room for Debate blog is: “Goodbye to the Local Car Dealer. Now What?”  The blog includes the comments from four perspectives:

  • Maryann Kellyer, financial analyst — Argues that era of car buyers wanting to shop close at home where they know the  car salesman and/or owner is gone.
  • Randi Payton, CEO of On Wheels, Inc. — Argues that the shutting down of one dealership is devastating to local communities, creating a loss of jobs and reducing the tax base.
  • Michael Smitka, professor of economics at Washington and Lee University — Discusses the changing landscape of the auto industry competition.
  • Pauls Toutonghi, English teacher at Lewis and Clark — Writes about his dad, a former car salesman, and his perspective on US manufactured cars being the backbone of America.

Goodbye to the Local Car Dealer. Now What?

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