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As the legislative season quickly approaches, crunch time is upon us.  We had several meetings this week to discuss legislative issues that are included in the proactive legislative agenda that has been established by the ULCT Policy Committee. Here is a quick run-down of the items/meetings.


The land use taskforce met again this week, and they are quickly settling in on all of the details related to that agenda.  We will be sending out final bill drafts in short order, but it should be a pretty small list.  So far, we have successfully negotiated away a bill dealing with code enforcement, settled on agreed language for a bill to clarify legal provisions related to apartment dwellings and the number of unrelated individuals that can live in a single-unit, settled on a bill that will simply require us to provide notice (if requested) for developmental standard changes, and pushed off several other items that were being pursued by the development community.

We are still in the middle of negotiations on a few other items including: Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) process and billboard regulation issues.  We will keep you apprised of the progress on those items.

Multi-Issue Meetings:

In addition to the land-use taskforce, we also had an internal mid-week meeting with city manager’s group, attorney’s group, and others to discuss several other items that we are following. Those items include: tax distribution and tax base issues, transportation funding issues, justice court judge retirement issues and several other items.  The most important news out of that meeting is that we were able to successfully push off the legislative attempt to push tax distribution changes.  Several key legislators that are engaged in that discussion have agreed to work with us on a better identification of the concerns they have (predominantly economic development concerns) and a more extensive evaluation of possible solutions to the perceived problems.  So that issue won’t be discussed during this month’s interim meetings, as we continue to discuss the item further.  We would like to thank, Rep. Greg Hughes, Sen. Curt Bramble, Sen. Stuart Adams, and Sen. Howard Stephenson for their willingness to work with us on these issues.

Legislative Meetings:

Lastly we had a great opportunity to meet with several key legislators on some of our top issues.  In addition to the names listed above, we met with Sen. Adams on economic development and tax issues, Sen. Stevenson on our pawnshop bill and ongoing transportation initiatives, Sen. Niederhauser on TDR’s and land-use issues, and continued our ongoing conversations with Rep. Sanpei on a land-use issue he is helping us with in Provo.

Lastly, we had a great opportunity to celebrate Veteran’s Day this week and also had the Governor’s Annual Gala to cap off the end of the week… all-in all a very productive week.

Upcoming Week:

This week will be one of the same, with meetings scheduled all week to include all-day interims on Wednesday, appropriations meetings on Tuesday and several other internal meetings to discuss specific issues for the ULCT membership throughout the week to include further discussions on land-use, billboard issues and transportation funding/coordination issues.

Please call or write with any questions you may have.

Your ULCT Lobby Team.

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