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The City Café

Stay up to date on important information for local government leaders.

Last week the League continued the fast-paced ramp up for the 2012 legislative session.  We had a great opportunity to meet with the Salt Lake County city managers to provide a brief legislative update on some of the major issues we expect for the coming session. Those issues include the much talked about sales tax discussion related to municipal finance, transportation and general economic development activities.  In addition we talked about several other local issues that can be found in our pre-session prep/outline ( )

In addition to the city managers meeting, ULCT staff was also able to meet with the Governor to discuss his budget and the implications of his recommendations to the state legislature.  In addition to that discussion, we were able to follow up with video interviews with the Governor and legislative leadership to provide greater context and detail to the Governor’s budget.  Those interviews will be available on the ULCT website ( by week’s end. Read More

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