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The City Café

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Here is a quick view of the week so far:

HB49: Let Paul Ray know that we oppose his open carry bill.  He wants to talk with law enforcement to see what will be need to have us all go neutral or support

HB94: Private competition impact analysis.  This bill failed in committee (The ULCT took a large laboring oar in working the committee on this issue). The concept will be sent to interim for further study.  Almost every institution covered by the bill expressed concerns. There was plenty of strong comments however to ensure local governments know that the legislature is growing frustrated with our perceived competitive activities…some of these comments came from legislators that were former city officials as well.  This is going to be a growing issue

Billboards: Passed out of committee overwhelmingly.  Niederhauser is continuing to work closely with us, however, to attempt to reach some compromise on this bill.  We did get commitments to protect arena signs …Read More!

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