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As we enter week four of the legislature love is in the air.  With Valentine’s day falling during this week we are certain that the normal smattering of disagreements will be replaced with effusive praise and accolades for all (read sarcasm).  Now for the real story; as the pace continues to quicken, the negotiations of several of our key issues will come to the forefront, and they are likely to be a few fireworks.

Here is a quick outline of what to expect this week:

HB49 Firearms Revisions: In an effort to gain consensus Rep. Ray will be meeting with police officers today to see what would need to be done to his bill to gain their support.  The concern, currently being expressed, is how police officers should interpret the law when responding to calls associated with an open carry

Billboards: This item is likely to be debated on the Senate Floor this week and should be smattered with “LOVE”. We have been working with the sponsor and other interested parties in an attempt to find a middle ground on our ability to regulate billboards… Read More!

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