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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 • 7:30 a.m. • Room 30 House Building

2. Retirement Eligibility — Termination of Employment

In order to be eligible to retire from Utah Retirement Systems (URS), an employee must cease employment

with all URS-participating employers. This restriction, as with post-retirement restrictions, is provided to

prevent practices that incentivize individuals to retire early and, therefore, create additional expense to the

retirement systems. The restrictions include discontinuing service from employment unrelated to the job

from which the employee is retiring, including a part-time moonlighting job, a position as a part-time

appointed board member, or a part-time elected official. Recently, “forced” resignations from these parttime

positions have resulted in questions about the policy.

• Daniel D. Andersen, Legal Counsel, Utah Retirement Systems


3. Independent Entities Study

Title 63E, Independent Entities Code, created the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee and

established its duties related to the oversight of independent entities. At the direction of the chairs, the

committee staff has developed “A Guide to Utah’s Independent Entities” to inventory and explain the

purpose of existing independent entities. The committee will hear an explanation of the legal status of

independent entities and of the guide.

Peter Asplund, Associate General Counsel, Office of Legislative Research and General


• Rachel Stuart, Research Assistant, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel


4. Public Employees Health Program (PEHP) Updates

PEHP will give an update to the committee on Active Enrollment, Clinical Health Information Exchange

(CHIE), Autism Pilot Program, and Affordable Health Care Act Ruling.

R. Chet Loftis, Group Insurance Director, PEHP



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