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Dec '13 Sales Tax DistDOUG MACDONALD

December’s distribution at $36.87 million, representing sales from October, was up 4.3% from a year earlier.

Salt Lake City’s sales were up 3.4%, below the statewide average. Other cities in Salt Lake County that did better than the statewide average were: Sandy (6.5%), Murray (5.2%), Midvale (8.8%), and Draper (10.1%).

This month we also calculated the “imputed” direct sales for the month, a number we computed going backwards with the 50% population / 50 % point-of-sale formula.

Based on this calculation direct sales growth were:

SLC  2.5%

Sandy 8.8%

Murray 6.2%

Midvale 13.7%

Draper 15.9%.

We thought October sales would have been soft given that consumer confidence in the U.S. slipped to 73.2 from 77.5 in September 2013.  There was a foreboding edge in the air due to the government shutdown.  Nevertheless, U.S. consumers increased their purchases of new automobiles and light trucks by 10.6% in October.

Since Washington DC came to terms with their budget in December, we are feeling quite a bit better about the February distribution for December sales.

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