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Stoplights 2015 Green


The economic indicators we look at are all green for the first time in many years.

Utah employment is growing almost 4% and average wages grew nearly 2% in the first quarter. Unemployment claims are down 10% and construction employment is up between 4% and 7% this year.

New construction is also improving, residential is up 9% in the last 3 months and commercial is up 70%.

Stimulating new car and truck sales is consumer sentiment, which was up to 96.1 in June.  This is a long way from the low of 55 in 2009.

For the first 10 months of FY 2015, the 1% local sales tax was up 5.7% for all cities, 4.2% over the last quarter and up nearly 9% last month.

Compare the Stop Lights this month from those in 2009 for a big contrast.

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