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Sept 15 Dist


The Tax Commission will distribute $43.12 million this month, compared to $40.35 million last year, an increase of 6.8%. This is the first month of fiscal year 2015-16.  Fiscal year 2015 finished out with a 5.3% increase with $518.1 million distributed for the 1% local sales tax.

Solid advances were made across Salt Lake County with SLC up 7.5%, Sandy up 6% and West Valley up 7.9%.

South Jordan’s distribution of $1.03 million was up 49%, implying a direct sales gain of 86.8% for July sales.

Except for Centerville, Davis County cities fared well too.  Layton and Bountiful distributions were up almost 9%. Farmington and Kaysville’s distributions grew near 10% or more.

In Southern Utah, St. George’s distribution rose 8.9%, stronger than the recent past.  Moab’s distribution rose a bit higher at 10.8%.

Also released by the Commission on the internet yesterday were second quarter taxable sales, which for Salt Lake County rose 5.6% compared to a year earlier (see chart below for industry breakdowns).

SLCo 2015 2nd Quarter


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