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Committee Agendas-10.17

During the 2018 General Session, the Utah Legislature passed HB 250. HB 250 allocates a percentage of the building permit surcharge to the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman to provide training on the drafting and application of land use laws and land use dispute resolution.

The Ombudsman’s Office may also use the funds to provide reimbursement grants to organizations who provide land use training and meet certain conditions and criteria.

If you provide land use training, you’re invited to apply for this fund.

Applications are approved twice a year. Funding will begin on January 1, 2019. Applications for funding in the first half of the year are due on November 30.

The application form can be found HERE. Visit the Property Rights Ombudsman’s website at to learn more.


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Thank you, everyone, who has taken part in the 2018 resolutions process. ULCT has formally adopted 4 new resolutions to guide League policy in the coming years. You can see them listed below:

Resolution 2018-001 (medical cannabis)

Resolution 2018-002 (water rights and supply)

Resolution 2018-003 (motor fuel tax)

Resolution 2018-004 (growth and housing)

These resolutions, along with the rest of ULCT’s current resolutions, can be found on our website at



The following resolutions have been approved by the ULCT Board of Directors and the Legislative Policy Committee:

2018-001 (medical cannabis)

2018-002 (water supply)

2018-003 (motor fuel tax)

2018-004 (growth and housing)


The following document contains the state constitutional amendment proposal (pertaining to 2018-002) discussed in LPC on Tuesday.

Constitutional amendment redline 


UPDATED committee agendas: Committee Agendas – July Interim 2018_Revised


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